11 LBS Propane Tank Bracket


Propane Tank Bracket 11 LBS Bottle 9 Inch Diameter from Tactical Overland. For short camping trips the 11 lb. Propane tank is a great size. Any 9″ (11LBS.) Tank will fit.
It can also be much cheaper. And now we give you a way to safely carry this size propane tank on your trailer, vehicle, or RV.

The stainless steel strap has a T-Bolt clamp and is very secure.  The aluminum frame is strong enough for the roughest trails.


  • Propane tanks are not included
  • Tig welded seam
  • marine grade construction
  • 11 LBS tank holder
  • 9 Inch Diameter
  • Stainless steel strap

Availability: 3 in stock

Availability: 3 in stock